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Bred By Photo Gallery

A very special "thank you" to all the wonderful owners of the dogs we have bred.
RHF's Caution To The Wind "Ace"
Loved by Lowell & Tom DeFeo
RHF's Lolli Pup CD, RA, RN, CGC
Loved by Lisa Endsley
CH RHF's Sweet Emotions At Redrock CH RHF's Ballroom Blitz At Redrock CH RHF's Sweet Liberty RN
Loved by Karen Churchill
CH RHF's Star Spangled Banner      

RHF's Pearl Of The Rockies
Loved by Jack Davis
  Robin Hill Farm's Makin Mischief

        Loved by Ron & Joanne Dennis

Loved by Eva Aaen
CH RHF's Brew Of The Frontier Wind RHF's Wisdom in the Wind STDsd CH Robin Hill Farm's Night Wind CD
Loved by Stacy Adams Loved by Nikki & Patrick Nedham Loved by Ron & Joanne Dennis
CH RHF's Wind Beneath My Wings RS-O Pree RHF's Rhythm In The Wind
Loved by Cindy Ventricelli Loved by Kaylan & Ross Bartell Loved by Lisa & Paul

Fawkes Echo 
CH RHF's Ashes InThe Wind CGC,BN, CD, RM
major pointed in AKC
RHF's Jumpin Jehosiphat OTDs, ATDd  RHF's Whispers in the Wind CD
Loved by Kay Ruekberg
CH RHF's Voices In The Wind RA
Robin Hill Farm

Robin Bolender

ChinoValley, Arizona robinhillfarm@hotmail.com